What is BNESIM?

BNESIM is 1 FREE lifetime multi-format SIM card, working on all smart phones all over the World. It’s really your travel companion. Stay Connected wherever you are, without any roaming charges.

Forget about roaming costs. Forget about the hours spent desperately looking for free WiFi connections. BNESIM 4G LTE SIM card works in 170 countries, covering the world at affordable prices.
We have flat plans valid in the 64 Internet Home Countries (IHC) without expiration. We have got specific rates for the other countries.
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What are the benefits of BNESIM?

Once you have BNESIM, you have all that you really want while you’re travelling.
1. Coverage in 170 countries with cost effective National plans
2. Access to 64 Worldwide Internet Home Countries (IHC) without expiration.
3. UNLIMITED FREE international calls between BNESIM users + very affordable rates for International calls to talk with anyone in the Globe.
4. Claim your International roaming FREE phone number choosing from 40+ different countries.
5. Get rid of the tensions looking for mobile shops and recharging with the complicated numbers. You can top up, check your balance and get new numbers in One click.

What are the rates of BNESIM?

BNESIM offers great plans for more than 170 countries. You can choose your plan according to your travel plans.
For further information, visit our store for the plans and pricing.

Do you have different plans?

BNESIM offers great plans for more than 170 countries. You can choose your plan according to your travel plans.
For further information, visit our store for the plans and pricing.

Will I get a free SIM card?

We have an active offer, so, YES, It’s a free SIM card. You just have to pay for the plan and credit you want to avail.

How do I make my top up?

You can check your balance, top up and get new numbers in the Online Selfcare or in-app Selfcare.

How to select the caller ID?

You can select your caller ID by choosing the desired number from Selfcare OR Send “CLI” to 222 and select the caller ID you want to use.

Do I need to activate the data plans beforehand?

Yes, all the data plans needs to be activated beforehand via our website. Activate your data plan here.

How do I make a call?

Making a call is simple, just dial the number you wish to call, with the international prefix, using the BNESIM App. Don’t you have it yet? Get it now.

Will I get a free-talk time?

Yes, there is a free-trial of 5 min talk-time for 3 days when you download the BNESIM App. If you still haven’t tried it, get it now.

Do you have Corporate plans?

Yes, we do have customized corporate plans for you. Probably with more offers and discounts. Get in touch with us to avail these offers.

Can I access the Internet with BNESIM?

Yes, BNESIM provides you data with our SIM card and in-app calls. You can use data to access the Internet from anywhere as long as your phone has service/signal. This enhances your travel experience, making it more memorable and you can access the Internet while traveling to check your emails, update Facebook, browse the web and so much more.

How do I connect with the Customer Care?

You can easily get in touch with our customer care by dialing
888 (from BNESIM app)
+85258039364 (Hong Kong)
+12512724984 (USA)
+44752061887 (UK)
+390687809460 (Italy)
+34965021355 (Spain)
+33973728109 (France)
+353768887618 (Ireland)
+61264245455 (Australia)
+552139588859 (Brazil)
+5117070392 (Peru)

or sending a message to:
+447520618887 (WhatsApp) (Telegram)

You can also mail us at: or

How can I choose my phone number?

You can choose it, in the Selfcare once you created your BNESIM account.

How will I get extra number?

You are conducting your business in more than one country? You can have the local presence in all those countries without buying multiple phones and SIM cards. One device, many numbers.
Getting in touch with you will no longer be a problem. Your family, friends and colleagues can call you anywhere you are at national rates!
Visit your Selfcare, search for the “Get a new number” area and discover how cheap and easy is activating a new number from the nation you prefer.

What is the size of BNESIM SIM card?

BNESIM SIM card is available in all the standard sizes: nano, micro and mini.


If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ above, please, contact us via this form. We will respond within 12 hours. If you need to speak with our support and customer care representative you can find the phone numbers here.